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October 10, 2020
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October 23, 2020
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Taking Taonga Species Controlled

12 October 2020

New bylaws - 10 years in the making - are now in place to better protect taonga species for lakes in Te Arawa.

The Rotorua Te Arawa Lakes (Rotoehu, Rotomā, Rotorua, Ōkataina, Rotoiti, Ōkareka, Rerewhakaaitu, Tarawera, Rotomahana, Tikitapu, Ngāhewa, Tutaeīnanga, Ngāpouri and Ōkaro) are now covered by the Te Arawa Lakes (fisheries) Bylaw 2020.

A permit will be required for anyone taking these taonga species which include tuna, īnanga, kākahi, kōaro, kōura and mōrihana. To get a permit, email

Scuba diving for kōura is also now illegal.

Read about the changes here.

Te Arawa Lakes (Fisheries) Bylaws 2020 (Notice No. MPI 1123)