LTP – Sewerage Cost Now Up To $45k!
April 7, 2024
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April 17, 2024
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Attendance Record @ LTP Sewerage Meeting

15 April 2024

Attendance Record @ LTP Consultation Sewerage Meeting

As would be expected after the announcement in the Council LTP that the sewerage scheme could cost our property owners up to $45k lump sum, or $88k over 25 years, there was an amazing turnout to the meeting last night. Well over 200 people attended. The Rotoiti rugby club hall was jam packed.

The overwhelming messages that came that came through for the Council from the floor were:

* That the community cannot afford the amount proposed. From a Show of Hands more than 75% are living off the pension.

* That they’d agreed to their installations on the basis of them costing $14-$15,000 and wouldn’t pay any more and,

* That they wouldn’t pay for the council shortcomings in managing the project.

You can hear the recording of the 2 hr meeting here - apologies for any lapses in quality.

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