East Rotoiti Sewerage Cost Rises to $56m
March 18, 2024
LTP – Sewerage Cost Now Up To $45k!
April 7, 2024
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LRCA Member March 24 Update

20 March 2024

Our March 2024 Newsletter covers a range or topics of interest to our members.

AGM Minutes

Marion Dixon New Chairperson

East Rotoiti Sewerage Costs Rise to $56m

Rural Residential Foot Paths and Road Berms

Water Quality is Everyones Responsibility

Update on "The Wall"

RLC Long Term Plan

Emergency Response Planning

Nationals View on Retaining Safer SH30 Speeds

Dab Chicks / Weweia

Lakes Water Quality AGM

Otaramarae Toilet Block & Parking Bay

Freshwater Gold Clam

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