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March 27, 2023
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March 29, 2023
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SH30 Speed Decisions Imminent

27 March 2023

SH30 Speed Review Decisions Imminent

As at April last year we were formally advised that the SH30 speed review was near conclusion and the results which would mostly meet our needs were close to being announced.

We were disturbed to hear that the Road to Zero initiative has been added to those that have been scrapped by the government without the review having been concluded.

We have however been advised by Waka Kotahi that those projects in their final stages of sign off will be concluded and that the SH30 review is currently with the Director of Land Transport for final approval and public announcement due around the 17th April.

Whilst we expect most of the proposed speed changes along the Eastern shore of Rotoiti to be implemented we are disturbed that the 1km section between Ruato Bay & Gisborne Point may be retained at 80kph jeopardising some of the benefits of the reduced speed areas adjoining it and going against Waka Kotahi’s strategy for:

* More consistent speeds without changes over short distances,

* Safe speed limits around Marae,

* Less serious injuries or fatalities from lower speed limits,

* Responding to the submissions of the local community (including Whakatane District Council), for lower consistent speeds in response to this proposal and

* A multitude of other reasons as per Lake Rotoiti Community Association’s submission.

You can read Waka Kotahi’s official response to our request for an update on the status of the speed review here and our letter to the Road to Zero Portfolio Manager requesting the reduction from 80kph to 60kph between Ruato Bay & Gisborne Point here.