Fluctuating Lake Levels Remain High
August 31, 2023
Lake Structure Resource Consent Hearing
September 1, 2023
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Rotorua Lakes Council Annual Plan

31 August 2023

Rotorua Lakes Council Draft Annual Plan 2023/24

LRCA spoke to its submission to RLC’s Proposed Annual Plan in late May. On the basis of the numerous submissions received, Council withdrew a number of proposed expenditure cuts including those which affected Lakes Infrastructure funding and Unsubsidised Transport Services which had most effect on lake residents.

Following the deliberation, it was advised that the average rates rise would now be 8.8% (of course, this is much greater for those East Rotoiti ratepayers who were connected to the reticulated sewerage scheme during the year). Council has stated that much of this year’s expenditure would be on infrastructure that was necessary, alongside services that would ensure the community was being adequately supported. The adopted 2023/24 Annual Plan can be accessed HERE.