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August 31, 2023
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Lake Structure Resource Consent Hearing

31 August 2023


The Hearing before Independent Commissioners was conducted on 28/29 August.

Regional Council’s section 42a report was published in early August, recommending 30 year consents, subject to various conditions and advice notes, except for Gisborne Point structures, where a shorter term was recommended.

Over 120 structure owners submitted briefs of evidence before the hearing in support of their consent applications for jetties, boat ramps/slipways, boatsheds and mooring around Lake Rotoiti.

Over 100 attended the hearing either in person or on Zoom, and more than 30 structure owners spoke in support of their application.

Some owners around the lake were legally represented and supported by a planning consultant. 40 Gisborne Point owners were also legally represented due to the unexpected recommendation that a shorter term be considered by the Commissioners.

Submitter Te Arawa Lakes Trust were represented by two staff members and presented the cultural reasons for holding firm to their preference for 10 year terms.

The reporting officer presented her review of the report, the written and verbal evidence and advised the Commissioners that she supported the 30 year term for all the structures, including Gisborne Point.

The Commissioners had raised questions about some the recommended Conditions and Advice Notes, and some more consideration of that is underway and will be forwarded to the reporting officer and the Commissioners.

A decision is expected in 5 weeks or so, that may resolve this complex six year journey, although the parties have 3 weeks following the decision to lodge an appeal.

LRCA had provided earlier input into the process and communicated widely with structure owners and Council, but this concluded when the pre-hearing meetings it requested with TALT in 2022 were unsuccessful in achieving agreement of the consent term. The process of supporting the resolution thereafter was continued by individual structure owners.

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