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February 10, 2022
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Rotoiti SH30 Speed Submission

20 February 22

Rotoiti SH30 Speed Submission In

Thank you to everyone who has helped with this submission!

Based on a complete review of the safety considerations Lake Rotoiti Community Association Submit that the speed limit of 60kph is applied to the full section of SH30 between 650m East of Curtis Rd and 950m West of Morehu Rd West.

We strongly agree with Waka Kotahi’s proposal to reduce the speed limit to 60kph for the bulk of this section of SH30 to reflect the current roadside warnings, the dangers road users and local communities face along the route and the overall increase in traffic and population density.

We thus also strongly submit that the speed limit for the section between Ruato Bay, (140m east of Lake Okataina Road and 366m west of Te Urumahue Road), and Gisborne Point communities also be reduced to 60kph.

This reduction is needed to mitigate the significant safety risks along this section and to prevent a disastrous flow on effect of this increase in speed on the safety improvements which should be realised when the adjacent sections of SH30 are reduced to 60kph.

Read the full submission here.

Upon receipt of our submission Waka Kotahi have advised us:

“To make the most informed decision, we need to carefully consider the information that we receive, alongside our own safety assessments. Changing speed limits is a legal process and there are numerous steps that we need to carefully follow once formal consultation closes. The next stage is likely to take two to three months and we will be back in touch then”.