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September 1, 2023
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Rotoiti New Safe Speed Signs Up

javascript:void(0);1 September 2023

Rotoiti New Safe Speed Signs Up

Installation of the new safe speed limits for State Highway 30 Tikitere to Whakatāne is now well underway. The new speed limit signs will be first seen at Rotoiti and Rotomā, followed by Tikitere to Rotoehu,  then Te Teko,  Awakeri and Whakatāne. As the corridor is nearly 80km long, the 200 new signs will be installed over 2-3 weeks, weather permitting.

Many of the Rotoiti signs are already in place. Installation has been delayed following cultural concerns being raised regarding the installation process. The aim is now to complete the Rotoiti section by the 8th September. Old signs which are no longer relevant have been removed.

As each sign is installed, the new speed limit comes into force.

A concerted effort in policing each section will come into full effect when all permanent speed signs are in, and temporary repeaters have been replaced.

More information is available here.