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September 3, 2023
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September 10, 2023
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Emergency Response Plan For Rotoiti

6 September 2023

Emergency Response Plan For Lake Rotoiti

Recent weather events around the country are making us increasingly aware of the devastation natural disasters can cause in our local community’s; loss of homes, infrastructure and sadly, of lives.

Rotorua Lakes Council is facilitating a programme whereby lake communities can work on creating an emergency response plan to aid residents in preparing for and responding to such an event in their area.

LRCA are forming an initial community response team to begin work on developing a Response Plan for the Rotoiti community, to communicate how best to respond in a large-scale emergency. This involves defining our Rotoiti community, the facilities that exist within it, engaging with the wider community and promoting preparedness.

Our website and Facebook pages will be regularly updated and will provide useful information and links to assist you in preparing for an emergency and to communicate the progress in the development of the response plan. Please check these resources regularly and ensure family and visitors to your home; whether permanent or non-permanent residents and holiday makers are fully aware of what to do in the event of an emergency.

Please contact Andrea Davies at if you would like to be involved with the community response team and in the development of this plan.

Please make yourself familiar with the new pages on our web site to help you in an emergency providing details of, Emergency Contacts and Emergency Planning. They are valuable resources which will help you in an emergency.