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December 12, 2023
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December 14, 2023
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Trapping at Okere Falls & Otaramarae

14 December 2023

Trapping update from Okere Falls & Otaramarae. Traps are available for those who’d like to join the campaign.

Today we bring you an update about some of the Okere to Otaramarae trapping initiatives being supported by the Te Māuri o Okere Awa trust Trap Library. In partnership with the landowners, some of our local trapping guru's have been hard at work creating access and installing new traps in a small section of native bush on the shores of Te Weta Bay. In a few months they have caught over 100 possums and quite a few rats, a significant stride towards preserving our local biodiversity.

Through the establishment of this trapping project, we've also connected up with a resident nearby who has also been trapping further down the lake and has caught over 250 possums over the course of the year. We've now hooked them up with some new bait, DOC200 and good nature traps so they can expand their efforts and try out some new equipment.

The results are already tangible, with signs of possums in the area much harder to find and more plant growth visible both in the understory and canopy of the bush. This summer lake users should keep an eye out for more colour on the shores of Te Weta Bay, with the Pohutukawa trees and their new growth a living testament to the transformative impact of conservation efforts. And the journey doesn't stop there.

The terrain between these two trapping areas may seem challenging, but this summer, we're taking it head-on and installing a connecting trapline accessible via the lake, reachable by paddleboard or kayak – a novel approach to conservation that opens new possibilities.

Invitation to Join our Conservation Journey

Now, the spotlight is on you! We're extending an invitation for you to join our conservation journey. Our Trap Library is equipped with an array of traps, and we're here to share our volunteer knowledge. The concept is simple: borrow the right predator control device, free of charge, from the Trap Library. Let's remove those problematic pests so our birds, flora, and fauna can thrive once again. We've got various trap types and funding to get more if needed. It's as easy as sending us an email at to borrow from the Trap Library and kickstart your conservation project.