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Rogue Fishing Licence Web Site

22 December 2023

Warning about rogue fishing licence website

The team at Fish & Game New Zealand is warning anglers to beware of an overseas-based website offering its services to help purchase a fishing licence.

The Fish Assistant website, which is not authorised by Fish & Game NZ, offers anglers fishing licences at a significantly higher cost to the user than purchasing a licence through the Fish & Game NZ website.

Anglers have reported being significantly over-charged or not receiving the licence they have paid for, which poses a real risk for anglers when they get approached by our compliance team in the field as they may be fishing illegally.

Fish Assistant has also altered fishing licences, (an offence under the Freshwater Fishing Regulations), to remove the purchase price in an effort to prevent anglers from knowing the actual costs of purchasing them from Fish & Game.

Over 150 fishing licences have been purchased through the Fish Assistant website since early December.

There is only one authorised place to purchase your fishing licence online, and that’s the Fish & Game NZ website.

Fish & Game is concerned people looking to buy a licence will pay a premium through the Fish Assistant website when they can easily buy one online for a reasonable price on the Fish & Game website. People can also purchase a licence in-store at one of our partner retail outlets.

We’re disappointed this website is pulling the wool over people’s eyes by suggesting it is difficult to purchase a fishing licence in New Zealand when it is, in fact, very simple and quick. Fish & Game also has teams around the country who are happy to provide free advice and information.

We are also very concerned that Angler's credit card details have been compromised, as the website is not processing these payments through an accredited payment system.

Fish & Game NZ has been liaising with the Department of Conservation, which is also affected by this website and recommends anyone who has used the fish assistant website to contact the NZ Police and their bank.

Corina Jordan

Chief Executive

New Zealand Fish and Game Council