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May 17, 2021
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June 2, 2021
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RLC Long Term Plan 2021-31

25 May 2021

RLC promulgated its 2021-31 Long Term Plan Consultation Document in early April. The Document along with our comment and feedback can be viewed HERE.

RLC promulgated its 2021-31 Long Term Plan Consultation Document in early April. Under current legislation Councils are now not required to provide a full Draft version of the Plan and need only:-

(a) provide a fair representation of the matters that are proposed for inclusion in the long-term plan, and present these in a way that (i) explains the overall objectives of the proposals, and how rates, debt, and levels of service might be affected; and (ii) can be readily understood by interested or affected people.

(b) identify and explain to the people of the district or region, significant and other important issues and choices facing the local authority and district or region, and the consequences of those choices.

(c) inform discussions between the local authority and its communities about the matters in paragraphs (a) and (b).

From our point of view, this type of delivery not only limits the amount of accessible information for in depth scrutiny and evaluation, but also tends to restrict discussion topics to those identified as of importance from a Council perspective. Feedback was invited through various mediums, and several ‘café-style’ meetings were arranged around the District (with two in Rotoiti, the first at very short notice) to essentially discuss the chosen topics. However, no public Hearings were to be held.

LRCA requested additional data to enable proper examination and analysis surrounding rates proposals as well as detailed information relating to capital and operating expenditure, particularly in relation to projects budgeted for Rotoiti. However, despite our best efforts, this was not forthcoming.

Council has since approved the Plan in committee almost without change and it now awaits ratification at the next full Council meeting.

Council conclusions to the Consultation Document can be viewed HERE.