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December 14, 2023
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Lake Structure BoPRC Update

20 December 2023

BoPRC Update on the Issuing of Resource Consents

Lake Rotoiti Limited Notified Consent Applications

The hearing for the notified Lake Rotoiti Lake structure consents took place in August.

Following this the Commissioners for the hearing released their decision, granting 30-year duration consents to all applications.

A corrected set of resource consent conditions was provided by the Commissioners in October.

We are in the process of rolling out the individual consent conditions to applicants and had hoped to get all the individual notified Rotoiti consents out before the end of this year. Although some have already been issued, we will not be able to get all of them out until after the New Year. We apologise for the delay and commit to get the rest out as soon as practicable. We have been obtaining lake structure dimensions for structures where we did not previously have dimensions to include in the consent decisions.

The full BoPRC Update is available here.