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The Role of the Community Association

Our Objective

The Lake Rotoiti Community Association’s objectives are to promote the interests, welfare and harmonious relationships of the community and to advance the environmental natural features and physical amenities of Lake Rotoiti, for the public benefit.

Some issues we face

Neighbourhood Matching Fund

Enables community groups to receive financial assistance for self-help community projects which enhance their neighbourhood or contribute to families and whanau working, playing and talking together.

Rubbish Collection

We are fortunate to have our local Okere Falls Transfer Station. It is open 24hrs for simple household rubbish and recycling. Non-standard items can be disposed of for a fee between 8.30 am and 12 noon on Thursday and Sunday.

Aquatic Weeds

To date control has been limited to assist in recreational access from jetties and to strategic locations to inhibit lake transfer. Diaquat has been used for control weed for many years with limited effectiveness. It is hoped Endothall currently being consented will be more effective.

Rating Equity

The Community Association continues to lobby for fairer treatment than is provided for by nondifferentiated general rating for lakes communities who are remote from city services and amenities. The district subsidy towards the capital costs for small community sewerage schemes is also being pursued.

About the Lake Rotoiti Community Association

Advocating On Behalf of the Residents, Ratepayers and Users of Lake Rotoiti for 50 Years

During this period we have been involved in many issues, some of which have re-occurred with depressing regularity. Water quality issues were first raised in the 1970′s, but it took the rapidly deteriorating water quality and algal blooms in the early 2000′s and the determined and un-deflectable lobbying and actions of both this Association and other community based groups to force Local and Central Government to recognise that immediate action needed to be taken.

If as an organisation this had been our only achievement it would serve as a compelling reason why the Rotoiti community needs LRCA, but there have been many other issues that we have been involved in. One of the first, prompting the establishment of a formal ratepayers representative group, was a proposed railway line down the Okere Arm to Tauranga. We have also fought long and hard – and repeatedly – for Rating fairness and funding equity for the Rotoiti Community.

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