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March 16, 2024
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National’s View on SH30 Safer Speeds

17 March 2024

National’s View on SH30 Safer Speeds

The National Government has responded positively to our queries regarding the maintenance of lower speed limits where there is a poor safety record and recognised and continuing community support.

In February Todd McClay’s office confirmed that they understand the new speed limits will be maintained where the community supports them, but will be removed where blanket changes were made without reason or community support.

They have said that they will keep us up-to-date with any developments in this area.

Their letter of confirmation advised that:

“Further to our discussion, I will get an update on the progress on the recommendations being made on replacing the Land Transport Rule – Setting of Speed Limits 2022. The new rule looks to ensure that when speed limits are set views of road users and local communities are taken into account, alongside safety”.

In March the Minister of Transport - Simeon Brown - advised that:

“I will implement a new rule which wil ensure Road Controlling Authorities (RCAs) and Regional Transport Committees (RTCs) take a more balanced approach to setting speed limits to ensure that economic impacts, including travel times, and the views of road users and local communities are considered alongside safety. I want to ensure RCAs take a targeted approach to speed limit reductions, focusing on areas with high safety risks, and that they undertake genuine consultation with relevant parties, including communities and road users”.

“As the New Zealand Transport Agency is responsible for setting the speed limit on SH30, I encourage you to stay engaged with the agency on this issue”.

It looks like our work continues and we need to keep in touch with our contacts at Waka Kotahi - the poor safety record on our section of SH30 and the recognised community support should help!

You can read Simeon Brown’s letter here.