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May 10, 2024
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June 7, 2024
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RLC Sewerage Scheme Decision Options

4 June 2024

Council LTP Sewerage Decision Due Thursday 6 June

Thank you all for your phenomenal support.

Councilors advise us that they would have to be deaf & blind to have not heard the feelings of our community in our submissions.

The Council decision agenda is out - you can read it here.

Based on Council advice property owners expected to pay $14,000 to $15,000 Incl Gst. The LTP suggested it could be over $45,000 Incl Gst.

There are 3 Proposals for Council to choose between:

LTP Option # 1 - $29,207 Incl Gst / property

With Lakes Enhancement $2.7k / property & $10m Ministry for the Environment loan

LTP Option # 2 - $22,486 Incl Gst / property

As Option # 1 with additional $4.5m from council for cost variances and escalations paid over 25 years added to the sewerage targeted rate

LTP Option # 3 - $45,222 Incl Gst / property

Status Quo as per Draft LTP

Option # 2 aligns closest with our submission with $4.5m from council instead of our suggested $9.5m.

From Agenda we should be first up on Thursday 6th June. You can attend council chambers in person or you will be able to view the proceedings live on the council YouTube channel.

For those that missed our verbal submissions the text documents are available here:


Jim Stanton

Roy Duffy