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May 1, 2024
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LRCA Council LTP Submissions Are In

11 May 2024

LRCA Council LTP Submissions Are In

Thank you all for your phenomenal support.

We had over 130 submissions supporting LRCA on our web site.

You can read our submissions here:

* Sewerage Submission here. For a quick synopsis of our submission we suggest you read our "Recommendation" on Page 21.

* Your submissions in support of our Sewerage Submissions here.

* Our General Submission on the rest of the long term plan here.

We now move on to the verbal submissions in support of these written submissions and lobbying councillors.

If you have suggestions for us please email them to or complete our online form for supporting our submissions here.

Join the Lake Rotoiti Community Association here - its just $15 - and support the Lake Rotoiti Community and Environment!

Regularly check our LRCA web site for the latest information on our progress on this issue