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December 2, 2021
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December 6, 2021
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Lake Structures Update – LRCA

2 December 2021


The latest information received from BoPRC is:

1. That they have now commenced and continue to work through the Resource Consent Applications for Rotoiti existing lake structures to make a Notification determination. We understand this to be same approach as Tarawera’s Notifications. I.E:

* Structures with ‘Less than Minor adverse cultural effects’ = ‘Non Notified’, and 30 year consent granted with draft conditions to be sent out to applicants - similar conditions to the other Lakes.

* Structures with ‘Minor/More than minor adverse cultural effects’ = Limited Notified to TALT/Ngati Pikiao etc. They are likely to make submissions and a process to follow once received.

2. Ngāti Mākino asked for more time for their cultural input, but the Regional Council has committed to making decisions on these applications.

3. BoPRC sent a list of existing structures that did not have cultural assessments included in the Lake Rotoiti Cultural Mapping Report (approx. 30 structures) to TALT earlier this month and TALT are to provide an update on where they are at with these on Wednesday 1st Dec.

4. Not all Lake Rotoiti structure owners have returned their completed resource consent applications and associated landowner documents. These structure owners MUST make application, to be compliant.

5. BoPRC are also putting together a newsletter that will be sent to all subscribers prior to Christmas.

Please send any queries to BoPRC or LRCA