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February 27, 2021
Rotoiti Sewerage Scheme Update
March 4, 2021
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Rotoiti Lake Structure Update

4 March 2021

Rotoiti Lake Structure Update March 2021

In mid February LRCA sent the following questions to the BoPRC consenting team and received the responses in italics below.

1. Please update progress on Rotorua consents

Still Processing

2. Please update progress on Tarawera consents? Last time we spoke you had a meeting with Iwi planned. We are not sure if the Ratepayers association were involved. We are interested to know if that meeting progressed anything in relation to increasing non notified and reducing limited notification numbers etc, or if any other progress was achieved that would be helpful for Rotoiti interests to understand.

BOPRC met with TALT in November last year, TALT made no changes to the cultural assessments in the Lake Tarawera cultural mapping report and all lake structure applications with minor, more than minor or significant adverse effects assessments were Limited Notified to TALT (Te Arawa Lakes Trust), Tūhourangi, Ngāti Rangitihi, and Ngāti Raukawa. The submission period closed last week and the processing planner will work through the submissions received to decide whether there is benefit in the applicants and the submitters meeting to resolve issues and potentially avoid the need to go to a hearing.

3. Progress with Ngati Makino cultural assessment for Lake Rotoiti?

BOPRC is currently putting together lake structure data and information for Ngāti Mākino to enable them to provide comments and feedback.


As previously advised, Rotoiti renewal applications will be considered after Tarawera, and after Ngati Makino feedback is received.

Consideration will be given to the best timing for LRCA arranging a meeting with TALT, (presumably along with Ngati Pikiao and Ngati Makino), to discuss the Rotoiti Cultural report. It will be useful to see how the Tarawera applications proceed now the submission deadline for the limited notification of structures assessed as minor; more than minor has passed.

We will advise members if we consider it advantageous for applicants to engage directly with BoPRC, and ultimately Iwi, in addition to through LRCA representatives.