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September 7, 2020
Rotoiti Sewerage Slow Progress
September 8, 2020
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Catfish Annihilating Koura Population

1 August 2020

Our lake has of course been the area of great concern when it comes to the conservation efforts of the Te Arawa Catfish Killas. As many are aware, these fish eat everything and are a contributing factor to the massive decline in kōura numbers in the lake - up to 99%!

Kōura are not the only thing the catfish is gobbling down. kōaro, Smelt, bullies and trout eggs are all a tasty meal to these pesky ika!

Rotoiti is also the home of 4 of our most undesirable weeds which we have learned have had a massive impact of the ability to harvest kai such as kōura and continue to utilise traditional methods of harvesting such as tau.

The weeds are easily transported to other lakes ans waterways and the old catfish doesn't mind a ride in the back of a trailer or anchor well too. They can live for up to 4 days out of water in the right conditions.

Lets protect our taonga species by continuing the CHECK, CLEAN DRY efforts and also...PLEASE REPORT any suspicious animals or fish that you may be concerned about.